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Can A Locksmith Make A Key Without A Key?

Keys are one of the most simple yet most important things in our lives. They literally open our homes, offices, business and commercial establishments, and even our cars. It is a common practice to have our keys duplicated, and people usually do that by using their original key so they can have a spare to give to a family member, a trusted friend, an employee, or just an extra copy in case of an emergency. But what happens if you lose the original key before getting it duplicated? Is it still possible to have a copy of the key without a key?

Well, no need to worry. Professional locksmiths are trained to make a key using the lock. There are two ways to do it - cracking the lock's code and making an impression.

Cracking the lock's code - if the original key is not present or too worn down, a locksmith can do this method. If a lock can be disassembled, then that is what they need to do. A locksmith will pull the parts apart and decipher the type of pins and their order. The pins are what makes up the code of the lock and has different lengths and order that makes it unique from other locks. Once the length and order of the pins are identified, the locksmith can make a key using it.

Making an impression - key impressioning or making an impression of the lock is a non-invasive, covert method of making a key without the original key. What a trained locksmith will do is to insert a blank key into the lock several times. Doing so will make the pins press against the blank key where it leaves marks on where the cuts are needed to be made. The locksmith will have had hundreds of hours of training and practice before he or she can pull this task off.

A lot of us have lost our keys many times and for the most unexpected times and reasons. Some people have accidentally thrown their keys to the dumpster while some others dropped them on the drain or got them stolen. Knowing that you can make a key without the key is a big sigh of relief to those who lost their keys and forgot to have their spare keys.

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