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Can A Car Key Fob Be Replicated To Match My Car Without The Car Present?

With the advancement of our technology nowadays, even car keys have changed - from the traditional mechanical keys to the recent key fobs and smart keys. Key fobs are now commonly used for modern cars as it provides higher security level and offers more convenience to car owners. But just like the old-style car keys, is it possible to replicate a key fob to match a car without the car present? How can we duplicate a car key fob? Can we duplicate key fobs? Keep on reading and find out below.

What Are Key Fobs And How Do They Work?

Key fobs are small security devices used to control and secure cars and other devices. They belong to a class of physical security tokens, such as smart cards and keyless entry fobs and are usually small enough to be placed on a key ring, in a wallet, and inside the pocket.

A key fob works using RFID or Radio Frequency Identification which incorporates electromagnetic fields to track and identify data and pass information using radio waves. Typically, key fobs are used as access points into certain facilities, like doors. To open a door, like a car door, one needs to place the fob on the car's reader system. The key fob, using its unique microchip with an exclusive frequency, will communicate with the reader. Once the reader accepts the signal, it will either grant access or not. If it didn't, it could mean that the key fob is faulty or the signal or code from the key fob didn't match with the one in the reader.

Can I Replicate A Key Fob To Match My Car Without The Car Present?

In most cases, your car needs to be present if you want a key fob to match with your car. This is because a locksmith technician will need to program the receiver in your car, not the fob. For a key fob to work with a car, the receiver in the car must be programmed with the details of the fob. Other car systems have more complex security protection, which is why they'd require both the car and the key fob to be reprogrammed to connect and must be done in the factory system.

Many people often wonder if key fobs can be duplicated since they are electronic and not like the old-fashioned, traditional car keys. Well, key fobs can be duplicated just like the usual keys, although with some restrictions. Now, if you need to duplicate your car keys, reprogram your key fobs, or have other auto locksmith issues, call J & J Auto Locksmith. We provide various types of services for all your auto locksmith concerts, such as key duplication, key extraction, and car lockout services. Give us a call anytime as our professional locksmith technicians are always available and ready to be of service to you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.